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In 2016, we became the first materials handling company to be accepted into the Made in Britain campaign, an initiative created to support and promote British manufacturing. In fact, our solutions are both designed and manufactured by our team of experts at Advanced Handling HQ, a purpose-built, state-of-the-art building in Peterborough.
Our close working environment provides us with the flexibility to deliver our Bespoke service, ensuring our customers’ requirements are met whilst maintaining our high “Made in Britain” standards.
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Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Vacuum lifting equipment for overhead lifting to reduce manual handling of boxes & sacks up to 45 kg. Overhead rail or jib crane system options are also available.

Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Vacuum lifting has a number of advantages which make it ideal for moving heavy objects. The vacuum pressure creates a powerful seal that can be used to firmly and safely grip objects with suction pads.

Using a vacuum lift helps prevent back problems, repetitive strain injuries and bad posture injuries. It is a popular form of lifting because it is:

  • Quick – there’s less downtime between lifts, as there is no need to attach slings or chains.
  • Accurate – it allows for precision lifting.
  • Cheaper – there is less need to spend money on labour costs since each lifting job can be done by just one person.
  • Safe – less likely to cause damage because it uses suction which makes it ideal for handling delicate materials like glass.
  • Flexible – it can be used for various types of equipment from concrete to wood.

Our vacuum lifting range is one of many overhead lifting solutions we offer. You can choose between the Vacuhand V and Easyhand lifters which are all ergonomically designed and have low energy consumption. Each of the lifters can also be fitted with bespoke modifications to handle specific materials.

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