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10.10.17 The 5 things you must know to keep your handling equipment is safe, efficient and legal
Lifting operations often put operators and other employees at risk of injury, and accidents can be disastrous. There are a number of legal regulations and requirements of which you need to be aware.
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10.10.17 Five reasons why a sale visit from us could leave you better off.
Unless our customers requirements are very straightforward, we almost always recommend a sales visit for a number of very important reasons.
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04.09.17 Why does the most innovative manual handling equipment originate in Sweden?
We are often asked why Sweden seems to have the monopoly on intelligent handling systems, so we did some research.
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31.08.17 One lightweight lifting trolley – so many things to lift!
Our lightweight lifting trolleys can be deceiving. These small, easily manoeuvrable trolleys can help one person safely lift an impressive range of objects unaided.
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22.08.17 Advanced Handling improve efficiencies for Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchants
Case study describing the challenges, solution and benefits of designing, building and installing a bespoke lift within the limited confines of a listed building in central London
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25.07.17 Why Do I Need A Maintenance Contract For My Lifting Equipment?
Efficiency, safety and compliance - these are the three reasons why you must follow the regulations. We can help with maintenanc packages built for you.
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19.06.17 Advanced Handling Moves to New Factory to Meet Growing Demand
Advanced Handling Moves to New Factory to Meet Growing Demand
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25.05.17 Raising Money For Cancer Research UK
Throughout June we will be raising money for CRUK.
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11.01.17 Advanced Handling Sponsor Pioneering World Land Speed Project
Advanced Handling is a proud sponsor of the Bloodhound SSC Project, supporting the team with materials handling equipment.
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09.01.17 Advanced Handling Join the Swedish Chamber of Commerce
We are pleased to join the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, a platform for business contacts and social interaction.
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