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In 2016, we became the first materials handling company to be accepted into the Made in Britain campaign, an initiative created to support and promote British manufacturing. In fact, our solutions are both designed and manufactured by our team of experts at Advanced Handling HQ, a purpose-built, state-of-the-art building in Peterborough.
Our close working environment provides us with the flexibility to deliver our Bespoke service, ensuring our customers’ requirements are met whilst maintaining our high “Made in Britain” standards.
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Movomech Pneumatic Lifters

Movomech offer three pneumatic lifting solutions including the Mechlift Industrial Manipulator, Mechline Pro & Mechspace Pro.

Movomech Pneumatic Lifters

Advanced Handling supply a range of pneumatic Movomech industrial manipulators including the Mechlift Industrial Manipulator, Mechline Pro and Mechspace Pro.

Mechlift Industrial Manipulator

The Mechlift is an extremely versatile industrial manipulator and is the only lifting unit of the Movomech range that can be either electric or pneumatic. It is constructed using anodised aluminium profiles and is available in standard or bespoke sizes, lifting loads of up to 150kg. It has a maximum stroke of 2,000mm.

Typical applications for the Pneumatic Mechlift include the lifting an handling of material rolls or sheets, doors, windows, storage tanks or automotive parts.

Max Load: 150kg.
Max Stroke: 2,000mm.

Mechlift Pro

Mechline Industrial Manipulator

Our Mechline Pro is an easily manoeuvrable pneumatic line balancer with a lifting stroke of up to 2,000mm and a lifting capacity of 50kg. The Mechline lifting wire is extremely durable and can be used for up to 300,000 work cycles. With a frequent use of 200 operating cycles per day, the Mechline wire has a lifespan of 1,500 working days – that’s over five years!

Typical applications for the Mechline Pro is lifting work at assembly stations within the manufacturing and the automotive industry as well as material handling at transport and conveyor lines.

Max Load: 50kg.
Max Stroke: 750mm – 2,000mm.
Rotation: 360 degrees.

Mechline Pro

Mechspace Industrial Manipulator

The Mechspace Pro is a pneumatic, moment-absorbing, easy to manouevre industrial manipulator, ideal for restricted working areas. The manipulator has a reach of up to 5,000mm and is available with a 70kg or 150kg maximum load capacity.

The Mechspace Pro is the perfect choice where the working reach is of high importance for example when the operator is working under a roof, inside a car or in a cramped working environment.

The moment-absorbing feature allows the manipulator to manoeuvre around even the most complex of materials handling operations and for gripping and rotating eccentric loads. The Mechspace Pro 70 and 150 is available in two models, a hanging version and a pillar mounted version.

Max Load: 70kg – 150kg.
Max Stroke: 5,000mm.
Rotation: 360 degrees.

Mechspace Pro

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