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Car manufacturer bespoke lifting system

Brief: A leading UK based car manufacturer lifts multiple exhausts at any one time over large, obstructed spaces. Commonly achieved by manpower, the client came to Advanced Handling to prescribe a more ergonomic and accurate solution.

Budget: £50,000 >

The Solution

Application:   Bespoke Pneumatic Mechlift

Product Benefits:

  • Smooth and safe transfer
  • Weightless lifting
  • Minimal human handling
  • Bespoke parts added for increased reach


Our client approached us with a manual handling issue involving the lifting process of moving four car exhausts at around 20kg each, within a Takt Time of 70 seconds. The criteria for the project stated that the exhausts must be kept in a horizontal position with a variation on weight and size which required one lifter to move all exhausts from A to B. These parts needed to be lifted up from a production line and rotated within a restricted space on the opposite side of a vehicle, a few meters away. The overall objective for the client was to achieve a safe and efficient handling procedure which enabled the current process to be streamlined and made easier for the workers.


Following a site visit and consultation with the client, our sales representative concluded that an Advanced Handling overhead lifting system would significantly improve the existing manual handling issues for this process. The Movomech Mechlift; a pneumatic handling tool, was combined with easy glide rails to create a smooth, ergonomic lifting solution for the client.

To resolve the issue of handling four independent exhausts, the Advanced Handling designers created a bespoke manipulator with four of attachments. The complete solution was designed to clamp the exhausts in position and absorb the weight via the pneumatic lifter, creating a force of 2kg rather than 20kg for the operator to manage. The suggested resolution ensured that there would be a vast increase in machine-led handling in order to benefit from the Movomech’s ‘weightless lifting’ and easy positioning tool.

Once the technical specifications had been agreed and confirmed, the team could begin manufacturing the bespoke lifting device which is CE marked and tested on-site in the UK before delivery and installation. The client was able to benefit from our turnkey offering of consultation, design, installation and servicing; making savings in both time and financial resource.  

Practical Outcomes:

Since the installation of the bespoke Pneumatic Movomech Mechlift, the client’s production line has improved in multiple ways including; improved Takt Time, reduction in manual handling and the ability to increase overall product output. The client’s internal quality control can today remain consistent as engineers are not feeling fatigued and the risk of RSI has been reduced significantly. 


“I’ve been happy with the service I’ve received from Advanced Handling. As this was a bespoke design we have had a few minor teething issues, but they were resolved quickly.” David Woodcock, Chief Engineer.