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Client: BorgWarner Turbo Systems Ltd

Location: Bradford, United Kingdom

Industry: Automotive Manufacturing

Application: PRONOMIC Lift and Drive 125P


  • Ergonomic

  • Precision lifting

  • Stainless steel finish

  • Improved safety

A PRONOMIC 125P Lift and Drive became a handling solution for the Bradford based operation of BorgWarner - global leaders in the automotive industry, providing powertrain technologies to improve fuel emissions and performance. Advanced Handling has maintained a relationship over a number of years as a supplier of handling solutions to the UK location based in Bradford.


An application was required to retrieve grinding discs from a racking area with three shelves. Each grinding disc has a 500mm diameter and weighs between 40kg and 55kg. Each of these is required to be moved over to a work bench which is set at 90 degrees to the racking to allow operatives to build up the final assembly.

Solution: Stainless Steel PRONOMIC Lifter

As the process and operation is relatively slow, health and safety is paramount. Precision lifting and placement is also very important during this handling process, and for this reason the PRONOMIC P model provided the best solution available. The P model offers the most flexibility across the range of units allowing for specific customer requirements.


The PRONOMIC Lift and Drive models have modular configurations and are assembled at Advanced Handling’s factory where they are tested before delivery to the customer.

The outcome of the solution:

As a result of the PRONOMIC 125P lifting trolley, the overall solution ensured the operation could now be undertaken with increased safety and improved efficiency.

Client’s project experience with Advanced Handling:

Health and Safety Advisor from BorgWarner commented “We’ve used the company (Advanced Handling) on various handling applications, and we are very happy with the products and the service Advanced Handling provided.”


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