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Client:  Eurostar

Location: St Pancras

Industry:  Transport

Requirement: Trailers

Key features: Bespoke solution reducing costs



Following the change of Eurostar’s service from Waterloo Station to St Pancras, Advanced Handling were proud to be selected to design and build several different types of bespoke baggage trailers for use with their operational baggage trolleys at St Pancras International.

The design team worked closely with Eurostar to determine the best solution resulting in all manufactured trailers now in operation. Eurostar have since approached Advanced Handling to manufacture 128 ‘Sand Capture’ stainless steel boxes to help reduce outgoing costs.

In adverse weather to increase the friction between the locomotive traction wheels and the rail sand is blasted onto the rail ahead of the driving wheels. At the end of the day once the train is back in the yard all remaining sand in the tank was purged out which left a mess in the yard and resulted in a loss of unused sand.

The Advanced Handling technical design team created a bespoke solution which had the remaining sand purged into the box and collected. Each box is fitted with a dispensing pipe through which the sand is filtered and can be re-used. Each box is approx 1 metre long and can hold approx 15 kilos of sand. Since introducing the boxes, Eurostar have reduced their outgoing costs.