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Key Points

Bespoke Scissor Lift Table & Docking System & Transfer Table Configuration.


Bespoke Lifting Solutions

Who is Depot Rail?

Depot Rail Limited is a rail-based consultancy company specialising in the specification and sourcing of equipment for rail maintenance depots around the world. Their customer base includes Network Rail, Eurostar and Hitachi Europe and they pride themselves in developing long term relationships with both their customers and their specialist suppliers.

The Challenge:

Depot Rail approached Advanced Handling to help them supply a custom solution for their end-customer’s lifting and handling challenge. The customer required a piece of equipment designed specifically to help their engineers remove and replace parts and engines from the underside of their trains efficiently and safely.

The customer already had the pit and the rails installed therefore Advanced Handling’s solution had to be designed and manufactured to be retrofitted within this existing set-up.

Depot Rail contacted Advanced Handling due to prior experience working with Advanced Handling on bespoke lifting and handling projects.

The Solution:

Advanced Handling accompanied Depot Rail to the end-user’s site to gain a full understanding of the application and to survey the environment the solution would be installed in. This included taking measurements and identifying how the lift would fix into place within the pit.

After discussions, it was concluded the best solution was to have two scissor lift tables designed to work collaboratively; one working within the pit to support the parts and engines when they were disconnected from the train and the second, to transfer the load from the pit, onto the platform and to transport them to where they needed to be worked on.

Depot rail configuration 1

Pit-Mounted Scissor Lift Table:

Advanced Handling designed the pit-mounted lift with rails so operators could push it along the rail and into place under the carriage with ease.

It had a 2,200mm x 700mm platform and a capacity of 2,500kg to ensure it was durable and heavy-duty enough to withstand the industrial environment it was operating in and handle the wide range of parts and engines required.

The table-top also featured a roller ball top and removable roll-off guards, making it easy but at the same time secure for operators to manoeuvre parts around the bed.

The roll-off guards could also be removed and replaced with a drop on panel allowing Depot Rail’s customer to use the scissor lift for items larger than the lid making the overall lift more versatile.

The pit-mounted table was controlled by an easy to operate hand-controller on a 3m long curly cable (pendant controller) featuring a constant pressure up and down controls and the standard emergency stop button. The remote controls provided the flexibility to operate the table from inside and outside the pit.

A safety trip bar was also installed onto the platform as a standard feature. If the safety bar hits an obstacle whilst the table is lowering, the lift stops immediately and must be raised again slightly before it can continue down to remove the risk of crushing and trapping. Safety legs were also installed to lock the lift into its maximum lift height position during maintenance and servicing. Fitting lifting eyebolts in every corner also meant the lift could be easily lifted out of the pit if needed.

Bespoke Docking System:

Advanced Handling designed and manufactured a bespoke locking system to eliminate the risk of the two tables moving when the parts or engines were being transferred from the pit onto the platform. The pit-mounted table had a cut-off switch installed which automatically engaged when the table was docked onto the transfer table. This meant that it could not be operated at all when it was fixed into position.

The transfer table also had a 520mm overhang which meant the tables could lock together securely and the goods manoeuvred across safely and smoothly.

Mobile Transfer Table:

The mobile transfer table had a capacity of 750kg and a 2,000mm x 1,000mm platform which featured a roller bed and additional spring-loaded guide rollers so operators could manoeuvre goods on and off effortlessly.

The transfer table’s wheels were fitted with swivel brake castors to the rear and fixed castors at the front which combined removed the risk of the table moving whilst the operator was locking it into place perpendicular to the table in the pit.

Depot rail configuration 2

The Benefits:

Depot Rail’s customer invested in a custom lifting and handling solution tailored specifically to their application and working environment. It was designed and manufactured in such a way to integrate into their existing factory set-up minimising the impact to their infrastructure and overall operations.

Their engineering team can now remove parts and engines from their trains and transport them away to be worked on with easily, safely and efficiently.

Depot Rail and Advanced Handling continue to work together on additional custom lifting and handling solutions for the rail industry.

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