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In 2016, we became the first materials handling company to be accepted into the Made in Britain campaign, an initiative created to support and promote British manufacturing. In fact, our solutions are both designed and manufactured by our team of experts at Advanced Handling HQ, a purpose-built, state-of-the-art building in Peterborough.
Our close working environment provides us with the flexibility to deliver our Bespoke service, ensuring our customers’ requirements are met whilst maintaining our high “Made in Britain” standards.
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Lifting & Handling in the Automotive & Automobile Industries:

Did you know, approximately one-third of reportable injuries at work are caused by incorrect lifting and handling? Most musculoskeletal injuries in the automobile industry are caused by:

  • Lifting heavy items.
  • Reaching overhead.
  • Bending and twisting.
  • Pushing and pulling heavy loads.
  • Working in awkward body postures.
  • Performing the same or similar tasks repetitively.

It is advisable you carry out an internal risk assessment to identify the processes in your car/vehicle manufacturing facility which rely on these manual elements to ensure that you have the correct procedures and equipment in place to protect your staff against risk of injury and your assets from damage and breaks caused by incorrect and careless lifting, handling and transporting. Here at Advance Handling, our experts can visit your site and help you identify processes in your vehicle manufacturing which could be improved by using a lifting aid. Contact the team to arrange this.

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Lifting & Handling in the Car & Automobile Industry

The automobile industry relies on just in time manufacturing to fulfil its order book without holding excess stock and finished cars and vehicles. To achieve this, they must have every process, at every stage optimised so it is as quick and as safely as possible to ensure every component is in the right place and ready to fit at the right time whilst maintaining their high-quality assurance standards. One way to help do this is to invest in specialist lifting and handling equipment to reduce manual handling so all operators can carry out every process safely and efficiently using the tailored lifting aids.

Having a specialist lifting and handling solution dramatically improves health and safety whilst also improving productivity by turning tasks which manually can take two or more operators to carry out, into one-person tasks.

Lifting & Handling in the Car Manufacturing Industry

Unique Lifting & Handling Challenges

Here are just a few processes all car and vehicle manufacturers carry out which can be improved using Advanced Handling’s lifting and handling solutions.

Goods In:

It takes thousands of components to build a vehicle of a huge variety of shapes and sizes, therefore, the lifting and handling solutions in a goods in area of an automobile manufacturer need to be flexible to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the store and be able to carry out a task repetitively, accurately, delicately and reliably.

Our Pronomic Lifting Trolleys are perfect for transporting trolley loads of small components around the workshop. The trolley can be adapted with roller bars making it easy to transfer the load to and from the platform.

We have Pallet Lifters and our Voyager and Freedom Stackers designed for both full and half pallets with lightweight frames and single masts making them easy to manoeuvure around space-restricted areas.

Car Manufacturing Lifting Solutions

Assembly Bay:

It is key at the assembly bay that the manufacturer invests in system-integrated solutions due to ensure their investment is as flexible, accessible and ergonomic as possible whilst maintaining quality and maximising safety.

A pit-mounted Scissor Lift Table provides an adjustable working platform for operators so it is always at a comfortable height for the individual operator to work at without bending, stretching and reaching which is a key cause of musculoskeletal.

Advanced Handling also offers our Movomech range which is a modular overhead lifting solution; highly configurable and with a huge selection of applications tailored for the automobile industry. This includes our Mechrail and Mechlift Pro Pneumatic grippers and our vacuum lifters offering solutions for gripping, rotating, tilting, and lifting for components such as:

  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Chassis Parts
  • Dashboards
  • Windscreens
  • Windows
  • Car Doors.

Let us know what you need lifting on your automobile production line, and we’ll advise as to the best solution.


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Car Lift: Advanced Handling has a wealth of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing scissor lift tables and goods lifts for carrying vehicles up and down multiple floors. We’ve worked with some of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world and have even supplied a car scissor lift for one of the largest shopping centres in the UK to carry vehicles to showrooms on the upper floors.

Movomech Windscreen Lifting

Vehicle Maintenance:

Our Pronomic Wheel Lifter is the perfect lifting accessory for any garage or mechanics. This solution has been ergonomically designed to remove and fit wheels weighing between 30kg and 175kg on and off vehicles safely and with ease.

We also have our Mobile Scissor Lift Tables which are the perfect accessory for any office, factory or manufacturing environment to manoeuvre heavy components and parts around safely and efficiently.

Pronomic Wheel Lifter in Action

Hear from our Vehicle Manufacturing Customers

  • Inchcape: Inchcape, international distributor and retailer in the luxury automotive market invested in 110 Pronomic Wheel Lifters for their retail centres around the UK to remove the manual handling aspect of changing tyres on vehicles multiple times a day.
  • Major car manufacturer: An international major car manufacturer invested in a pneumatic Movomech Mechlift with a rail to lift, transport and fit 20kg exhausts as part of their production line.
  • Jaguar Land Rover: Jaguar Land Rover invests in double mezzanine Goods Lift to transport vehicles to and from the first floor of their manufacturing facility.
  • BorgWarner: BorgWarner invests in a Pronomic 125P to transport their grinding discs and manipulate them into place with precision and accuracy.


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