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In 2016, we became the first materials handling company to be accepted into the Made in Britain campaign, an initiative created to support and promote British manufacturing. In fact, our solutions are both designed and manufactured by our team of experts at Advanced Handling HQ, a purpose-built, state-of-the-art building in Peterborough.
Our close working environment provides us with the flexibility to deliver our Bespoke service, ensuring our customers’ requirements are met whilst maintaining our high “Made in Britain” standards.
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Elevation Static Scissor Lift Table

Elevation’s Static Scissor Lift Tables have a lifting capacity of 10 tonne as standard.

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Key Features

  • Combines high-quality British engineering with ergonomic Swedish design.
  • 20 standard configurations available with a range of table dimensions, lifting heights an capacities.
  • 3 year warranty & guarantee.
  • Free servicing included as standard.
  • Fully configurable.
  • Can be used internally or externally.
  • Can be pit mounted or positioned on the floor.
  • Safety trip bar to all sides stops table lowering if it meets an obstruction.

Standard Features

With the configurable range of scissor lift tables including: static or stationary scissor lifts, manual, electric, pit installed, ramp accessible and many identified special options, all of our lifts are manufactured to stringent British standard EN1570.

  • Capacity up to 10,000kg (as standard).
  • Lift height up to 7 metres (as standard).
  • Full range of optional extras.
  • Various platform sizes.
  • Bespoke options.
  • Maintenance safety bar for service.
  • Meets EN1570 safety requirements for lifting table.
  • Pressure compensation lowering valve as standard.
  • Push button control.

Optional Extras

We offer a variety of options and accessories to add onto your scissor lift table to ensure it is as safe and efficient as possible for the application and environment. This includes but is not limited to…

  • Turntable mounted on platform.
  • Turntable built into platform.
  • Fork entry base frame.
  • Bellows skirt.
  • Roller tops.
  • Tilting tops.
  • Loading dock tables.
  • Stainless steel option.
  • Lifting eye bolts on platform (recommended where pit mounted).

Where these are not suitable, we specialise in designing and manufacturing custom pieces of equipment. Click here to explore our case studies to find out first-hand how a custom solution can transform a workplace.

Ideal Environments

Our static scissor lifts operate within both internal and external conditions (read our Sandy Lane Equestrian external installation) and can be installed and fixed either within a pit (pit mounted) or positioned on the floor as a stationary scissor lift platforms.

As we can also supply our tables in food grade stainless steel (304 and 316), our solutions are also suitable for the food and drink and pharmaceutical environment or indeed, any clean-room setting. Read our Foodmek Case Study to find out more.



Single Static Scissor Lift Tables - 500kg - 1,500kg

ModelCapacity (kg)Platform L x W (mm)Stroke (mm)Closed Height (mm)Approx. Lift Time (seconds)Motor (kW)Unladen Weight (kg)
E1000500kg950 x 600mm600mm180mm8 seconds0,8kW120kg
E1001500kg1,350 x 800mm820mm180mm12 seconds0,8kW170kg
E1002500kg1,350 x 1,000mm820mm180mm12 seconds0,8kW185kg
E1003500kg1,500 x 1,000kg820mm180mm12 seconds0,8kW200kg
E1004500kg1,800 x 800mm1,250mm230mm18 seconds1,5kW225kg
E1005500kg2,250 x 800mm1,600mm230mm25 seconds1,5kW370kg
E10061,000kg950 x 600mm600mm180mm14 seconds0,8kW145kg
E10071,000kg1,200 x 800mm820mm180mm18 seconds0,8kW175kg
E10081,000kg1,350 x 800mm820mm180mm21 seconds0,8kW185kg
E10091,000kg1,350 x 1,000mm820mm180mm21 seconds0,8kW200kg
E10101,000kg1,500 x 1,000mm820mm180mm21 seconds0,8kW215kg
E10111,000kg1,700 x 900mm1,100mm230mm18 seconds1,5kW320kg
E10121,000kg2,000 x 1,000mm1,100mm230mm18 seconds1,5kW340kg
E10131,000kg1,800 x 800mm1,250mm230mm22 seconds1,5kW240kg
E10141,000kg1,800 x 1,200mm1,250mm230mm34 seconds1,5kW370kg
E10151,000kg2,000 x 1,000mm1,300mm230mm18 seconds1,5kW360kg
E10161,500kg1,350 x 800mm820mm230mm24 seconds1,5kW215kg
E10171,500kg1,350 x 1,000mm820mm230mm24 seconds1,5kW230kg
E10181,500kg1,500 x 1,000mm820mm230mm24 seconds1,5kW230kg
E10191,500kg1,700 x 900mm1,100mm230mm20 seconds1,5kW330kg
E10201,500kg2,000 x 1,000mm1,100mm230mm20 seconds1,5kW350kg

Single Static Scissor Lift Tables - 2,000kg - 3,000kg

ModelCapacity (kg)Platform L x W (mm)Stroke (mm)Closed Height (mm)Approx. Lift Time (seconds)Motor (kW)Unladen Weight (kg)
E10212,000kg1,350 x 800mm820mm230mm22 seconds1,5kW215kg
E10222,000kg1,350 x 1,000mm820mm230mm22 seconds1,5kW225kg
E10232,000kg1,500 x 1,000mm820mm230mm22 seconds1,5kW230kg
E10242,000kg1,700 x 900mm1,100mm230mm34 seconds1,5kW330kg
E10252,000kg2,000 x 1,000mm1,100mm230mm34 seconds1,5kW350kg
E10262,000kg1,800 x 800mm1,250mm250mm30 seconds2,2kW335kg
E10272,000kg1,800 x 1,200mm1,250mm250mm30 seconds2,2kW365kg
E10282,000kg2,000 x 1,000mm1,300mm260mm22 seconds2,2kW370kg
E10292,000kg2,200 x 1,200mm1,600mm300mm33 seconds2,2kW470kg
E10302,000kg2,200 x 1,500mm1,600mm300mm33 seconds2,2kW520kg
E10312,000kg3,000 x 1,200mm1,800mm300mm36 seconds2,2kW590kg
E10322,000kg3,000 x 1,500mm1,800mm300mm36 seconds2,2kW630kg
E10333,000kg1,350 x 800mm820mm250mm18 seconds2,2kW265kg
E10343,000kg1,350 x 1,000mm820mm250mm18 seconds2,2kW295kg
E10353,000kg1,500 x 1,000mm820mm250mm18 seconds2,2kW325kg
E10363,000kg1,700 x 900mm1,100mm260mm28 seconds2,2kW360kg
E10373,000kg2,000 x 1,000mm1,100mm260mm28 seconds2,2kW380kg
E10383,000kg2,000 x 1,200mm1,300mm300mm28 seconds2,2kW430kg
E10393,000kg2,200 x 1,200mm1,600mm300mm42 seconds2,2kW490kg
E10403,000kg2,200 x 1,500mm1,600mm300mm42 seconds2,2kW540kg
E10413,000kg3,000 x 1,200mm1,800mm300mm45 seconds2,2kW800kg
E10423,000kg3,000 x 1,500mm1,800mm300mm45 seconds2,2kW850kg

If our standard specifications don’t quite meet your requirements whether it’s the platform dimensions or capacity, we specialise in designing and manufacturing bespoke equipment to ensure you invest in a lifting and handling solution which ticks all your boxes and more! Fill out the form below to contact the team about your application.

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