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Our close working environment provides us with the flexibility to deliver our Bespoke service, ensuring our customers’ requirements are met whilst maintaining our high “Made in Britain” standards.
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Mobile Scissor Lift Table

Our Elevation Mobile Scissor Lift Tables are suitable for moving & lifting goods from 125kg up to 1,250kg as standard.

Our range features light, medium and heavy duty models.

The standard light duty model is available in steel or lightweight aluminium. In addition we have an economical “no-frills” range of mobile scissor tables supplied in five models, ranging from 200kg to 800kg.

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Key Features

  • Compliance with British Safety Standard EN 1570.
  • Safety features such as finger and toe guards, twin-braked castors and total stop brakes.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Non-marking tyres.
  • Single and double scissors.
  • Lowering speed controlled by overload valve.


Scissor lifts should be selected according to the environment in which they will used and the set up required.  For example, scissor lifts can be used:

  • Inside or outside.
  • At the start or end of a production line.

Suitable Industries

Our Mobile Scissor Lift Tables have been installed in a huge range of industries including:


Light Duty Mobile Scissor Lift Table

ModelMaterialCapacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)Platform L x W (mm)Closed Height (mm)Unladen Weight (mm)Approx. Lifting Time (pumps or seconds)
SC-150-S-MSteel150kg780mm760 x 450mm255mm27kg14 seconds
SC-150-S-M-ALUAluminium150kg780mm760 x 450mm255mm41kg14 seconds

Medium Duty Mobile Scissor Lift Table

ModelCapacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)OperationPlatform L x W (mm)Closed Height (mm)Unladen Weight (kg)Approx. Lifting Time (pumps or seconds)
SC-125-D-M125kg1,420mmManual500 x 840mm430mm100kg19 pumps
SC-125-D-E125kg1,420mmBattery Electric500 x 840mm430mm147kg9 seconds
SC-300-S-M300kg840mmManual500x 840mm335mm83kg18 pumps
SC-300-S-E300kg840mmBattery Electric500x 840mm335mm130kg9 seconds
SC-300-D-M300kg1,350mmManual590mm x 840mm295mm110kg25 pumps
Sc-300-D-E300kg1,350mmBattery Electric590 x 840mm295mm147kg15 seconds
SC-450-D-M450kg1,550mmManual610 x 1,030mm295mm143kg71 pumps
SC-450-D-E450kg1,550mmBattery Electric610 x 1,030mm295mm190kg26 seconds
SC-500-S-M500kg900mmManual610 x 1,030mm340mm109kg40 pumps
SC-500-S-E500kg900mmBattery Electric610 x 1,030mm340mm158kg12 seconds

Heavy Duty Mobile Scissor Lift Table

ModelCapacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)OperationPlatform L x W (mm)Closed Height (mm)Unladen Weight (kg)Approx. Lifting Time (pumps or seconds)
SC-500-D-M500kg1,900mmManual840 x 1,350mm490mm306kg80 pumps
SC-500-D-E500kg1,900mmBattery Electric840 x 1,350mm490mm352kg30 seconds
SC-500-T-M500kg2,900mmManual840 x 1,350mm655mm375kg468 pumps
SC-500-T-E500kg2,900mmBattery Electric840 x 1,350mm655mm420kg105 seconds
SC-800-S-M800kg1,050mmManual840 x 1,350mm360mm222kg80 pumps
SC-800-S-E800kg1,050mmBattery Electric840 x 1,350mm360mm270kg30 seconds
SC-800-D-M800kg1,900mmManual840 x 1,350mm490mm315kg160 pumps
SC-800-D-E800kg1,900mmBattery Electric840 x 1,350mm490mm363kg54 seconds
SC-1000-S-M1000kg1,050mmManual1,000mm x 2,000mm360mm350kg80 pumps
SC-1000-S-E1000kg1,050mmBattery Electric1,000mm x 2,000mm360mm397kg25 seconds
SC-1250-S-M1250kg1,050mmManual840 x 1,350mm360mm230kg80 pumps
SC-1250-S-E1250kg1,050mmBattery Electric840 x 1,350mm360mm278kg25 seconds

If our standard specifications don’t quite meet your requirements whether it’s the platform dimensions or capacity, we specialise in designing and manufacturing bespoke equipment to ensure you invest in a lifting and handling solution which ticks all your boxes and more! Fill out the form below to contact the team about your application.

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