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Low Profile Static Scissor Lift Table

When a company wants to keep costs down by not having a pit installation a Low Profile Static Scissor Lift Table is the perfect unit for them. They’re perfect to have at the start or end of a production line.

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Key Features

  • These tables achieve a low closed height, eliminating the need for pit installation.
  • Standard Model which is designed for GKN pallets.
  • U-Shaped Model which works with EURO pallets.
  • Twin Models available.
  • Stainless Steel models available.
  • Low closed height to eliminate need for pit installation.
  • U-Shaped model requires no lifting ramp.
  • 3 Phase mains powered tables, 13Amp isolator.

Safety features

  • Cut off bar on the underside of the platform to protect operator and goods from crush injuries.
  • Conforms to EN1570.
  • Removable lifting eyes to facilitate handling installation and inspection.

Ideal Application

Ideal for working in collaboration with a production line.


Low Profile Scissor Lift Tables

ModelCapacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)Platform L x W (mm)Closed Height (mm)Motor (kW)Approx. Lifting TimeUnladen Weight (kg)
E6000500kg630mm950 x 600mm80mm1,5kW9 seconds120kg
E6001600kg800mm1,500 x 800mm80mm1,5kW21 seconds210kg
E6002600kg800mm1,500 x 1,000mm80mm1,5kW21 seconds230kg
E6003600kg970mm1,610 x 800mm80mm1,5kW21 seconds210kg
E60041,000kg750mm1,200 x 800mm100mm1,5kW21 seconds240kg
E60051,000kg800mm1,500 x 800mm80mm1,5kW21 seconds290kg
E60061,000kg800mm1,500 x 1,000mm80mm1,5kW21 seconds310kg
E60071,000kg970mm1,610 x 800mm80mm1,5kW21 seconds290kg
E60081,500kg750mm1,200 x 1,000mm100mm1,5kW18 seconds290kg
E60091,500kg800mm1,500 x 800mm80mm1,5kW18 seconds340kg
E60101,500kg800mm1,500 x 1,000mm80mm1,5kW18 seconds360kg
E60111,500kg970mm1,610 x 800mm80mm1,5kW18 seconds340kg
E60122,000kg800mm1,500 x 800mm100mm1,5kW22 seconds380kg
E60132,000kg800mm1,500 x 1,000mm100mm1,5kW22 seconds400kg
E60142,000kg970mm1,610 x 800mm100mm1,5kW22 seconds380kg

U-Shaped Low Profile Scissor Lift Tables

ModelCapacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)Platform L x W (mm)Closed Height (mm)Motor (kW)Approx. Lifting TimeUnladen Weight (kg)
E7000600kg800mm1,500 x 1,100mm80mm1,5kW21 seconds210kg
E7001600kg970mm1,610 x 1,100mm80mm1,5kW21 seconds210kg
E70021,000kg800mm1,500 x 1,100mm80mm1,5kW21 seconds270kg
E70031,000kg800mm1,610 x 1,100mm80mm1,5kW21 seconds270kg
E70041,000kg970mm1,610 x 1,100mm80mm1,5kW21 seconds270kg
E70051,500kg800mm1,500 x 1,300mm100mm1,5kW22 seconds310kg
E70061,500kg800mm1,610 x 1,300mm100mm1,5kW22 seconds310kg
E70071,500kg970mm1,610 x 1,300mm100mm1,5kW22 seconds310kg
E70082,000kg800mm1,500 x 1,300mm100mm1,5kW22 seconds310kg
E70092,000kg800mm1,610 x 1,300mm100mm1,5kW22 seconds310kg
E70102,000kg970mm1,610 x 1,300mm100mm1,5kW22 seconds310kg

Low Profile Twin Scissor Lift Tables

ModelCapacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)Platform L x W (mm)Closed Height (mm)Motor (kW)Approx. Lifting TimeUnladen Weight (kg)
E40001,200kg800mm3,000 x 800mm80mm2,2kW18 seconds420kg
E40011,200kg970mm3,200 x 800mm80mm2,2kW18 seconds440kg
E40022,000kg750mm2,400 x 800mm100mm2,2kW18 seconds400kg
E40032,000kg800mm3,000 x 800mm80mm2,2kW18 seconds500kg
E40042,000kg970mm3,200 x 800mm80mm2,2kW18 seconds520kg
E40052,000kg750mm2,400 x 1,000mm100mm2,2kW22 seconds600kg
E40063,000kg800mm3,000 x 1,000mm80mm2,2kW22 seconds700kg
E40072,000kg970mm3,200 x 1,000mm80mm2,2kW22 seconds730kg

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