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Voyager Electric Stacker

The Voyager Electric Stacker can lift loads without any physical effort whatsoever, well, apart from pressing the simple push button control. This version of the Voyager Stacker takes up minimum space as no pump lever is required. Also, the user has fantastic flexibility and visibility if they opt for a long cable pendant controller with the push button on as they will not have to stand next to the unit to operate it.

Ideal Environments

An anodised finish makes it ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical industries and we have supplied Voyager Electric Stackers for many companies in these industry sectors, including Kraft Foods. London General Transport Services and CCL Labels are other notable beneficiaries of this piece of ergonomic excellence.

Product Spec

Capacity: up to 1000kg

Lift Height: up to 1600mm

Fork Size:

300kg model = 550 x 320mm (L x W)
Adjusted: 550 x 650mm (L x W)

500kg model = 1140 x 320mm (L x W)
Adjusted: 1140 x 650mm (L x W)

750kg & 1000kg models = 1160 x 400mm (L x W)
Adjusted: 1160 x 750mm (L x W)

Bonus Features 

  • Wide straddle leg option for use with GKN pallets.
  • Wide range of attachments such as steel platforms, roller platforms, jibs, booms, drum carriers, reel carriers and drum clamps.
  • Polyurethane wheels.
  • Battery and internal charger included.
  • High tenacity lifting belt - non corrosive and incredibly strong.
  • Simple push button control.
  • Optional long cable pendant controller with the push button on enabling user to walk around the unit for increased visibility. 

Safety Features

  • Single mast frame means high visibility all around the unit.
  • 2 braked swivel castors and toe guards.