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Light Duty Stacker

These great products are a fantastic low cost alternative to the forklift truck. Not only can they do what a forklift truck does, they are also available with a variety of standard, modified and bespoke attachments including booms, jibs, platforms.

Ideal Environments

The Light Duty Stacker has been designed to manage loads of up to 250kgs and to lift up to 2450mm. Therefore, this unit is ideally suited for any company in any industry who are looking to lift goods without wanting the costs of purchasing and running a forklift truck. Due to its small frame our Light Duty Stacker can be used and stored in confined areas and has options for manual hydraulic or battery electric operation.  This unit has been manufactured in stainless steel and with a range of attachments, please contact us to find out more.

Product Spec

Capacity: up to 250kg

Lift Height: up to 2450mm

Fork Size:

540 x 560mm (L x W) = Fixed forks and wrap over legs
500 x 635mm (L x W) = Adjustable forks with wide straddle legs

Safety Features

  • Toe guards and total stop brakes.

Bonus Features

  • Manual and battery models available.
  • Can fit through a standard doorway.
  • Fitted with fixed or telescopic mast.
  • Available with either fixed forks and wrap over legs OR adjustable forks with wide straddle legs.
  • Multiple attachments available such as crane jibs, steel platforms, roller conveyor platforms, booms etc.