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Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor lift tables from Advanced Handling


We sell a diverse selection of scissor lift tables with a wide variety of platform sizes.  The range includes mobile and static solutions for lifting and handling goods of various sizes and weights between 150kg up to 10,000kg.

Our scissor lift tables are manufactured in the UK and come as standard or bespoke designs.  Our outstanding design engineers excel at creating completely bespoke hydraulic lifting tables to EN1570 and our solutions have resulted in improving workplace safety and operational efficiency in many UK industries.

Advanced Handling scissor lifts are available as static or mobile models.

Static Scissor Lift Tables

Our static scissor table models include:

  • Elevation Static Scissor Lift Tables have a 3-year servicing and warranty guarantee.  They are configurable with options such as roller or tilting platforms, or an entry base frame.
  • Low Profile Scissor Lift Tables come in two types: a standard model designed for GKN pallets and a U-shaped model that works with EURO pallets.
  • EZ Loaders which are automatically raised or lowered during loading and unloading, so that the operator doesn't have to bend.

Alternatively, we can also create a completely bespoke option, designed by our UK design team, fully tested, to include installation if required.

Elevation scissor lifts 500kg to 10,000kg



Elevation scissor lift tables 500kg to 10,000kg
Ideal end of line lifting solution

Elevation Static Scissor Lift Tables

Capacity: 500kg - 10,000kg

Lift height: 4300mm as standard

Low Profile Scissor Lift Tables

Capacity: 600kg - 2,000kg

Lift height: 970mm

Roller top scissor lift with bellows EZ Loader auto levelling scissor lift

 Bespoke Static Scissor Lift

Capacity: within 150kg up to 10,000kg

Lift height: various

EZ Loader 

Capacity: 1814kg

Lift height: 775mm

Mobile Scissor Lifts

Our mobile scissor lift range features light, medium and heavy duty models. The standard light duty model is available in steel or lightweight aluminium.

In addition we have an economical "no-frills" range of mobile scissor tables that is supplied in five models, ranging from 200kg to 800kg.

Key Features

  • Compliance with British Safety Standard EN 1570
  • Safety features such as finger and toe guards, twin-braked castors and total stop brakes
  • Easy transportation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Non-marking tyres
  • Single and double scissors
  • Lowering speed controlled by overload valve
mobile scissor lift economic mobile scissor lift

Economic Range 

Light Duty

Capacity: 150kg

Lift height: 780mm

mobile scissor lifts up to 500kg Heavy duty mobile scissor lifts

Medium Duty

Capacity: up to 500kg

Lift height: 1550mm

Heavy Duty

Capacity: up to 1250kg

Lift height: 2900mm




Scissor lifts should be selected according to the environment in which they will used and the set up required.  For example, scissor lifts can be used:

  • Inside or outside
  • At the start or end of a production line
  • Installed in a pit or on the floor

Our scissor lift tables have been installed in a huge range of industries including:

  • Food and drink manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Retail
  • Engineering
  • Automotive 
  • Pharmaceutical

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