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The PRONOMIC Squeeze&Turn is a lifting device to support drum and barrel handling and the handling of goods which requires rotation. The electrical clamp and rotate module squeezes from the outside to lift and rotate with a complete 360 degree manipulation.

This unique modular drum handling equipment, with the Squeeze&Turn technology has a maximum lifting capacity of 110 kg. The modular concept allows the lifter to meet the operator’s requirements in various environments and industries; including food and drink manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, processing, production and many more.

The Lift and Drive P trolley has a number of standard safety and ergonomic features. Read more here.

The Squeeze&Turn provides an ideal solution for drum handling and lifting and rotating barrels, bins and boxes.

Lift & Drive Model:

PRONOMIC P model with Squeeze&Turn device


  • Max Load: 110kg
  • 360 degree rotation.
  • Standard stroke of 300mm.
  • Length (mm) Bespoke dimensions are available to precise mm/ in module increments.
  • Width (mm) All dimensions from 350mm to 1300mm available to precise mm.
  • Power pack 7,2Ah/ 24V, 14.4 Ah/ 24V, both with quick change kit standard.

Optional extras:

  • Optional 500mm stroke is available
  • Bespoke specification clamp arms
  • Stainless steel finish