Advanced Handling

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The P Lift and Drive trolleys are our largest, most powerful and flexible in the PRONOMIC family. They offer the greatest stability with a wider base and leg frame. The P model lifters are modular and are assembled according to customer specifications. They are capable of lifting up to 325kg.

Our completely modular family member

A unique, modular concept forms the basis of our P trolleys, providing virtually unlimited opportunities to create a lifter which is perfectly suited to your needs.

Many different types of chassis

We offer chassis of variable widths, heights and lengths as well as custom-made ones.

Select desired load capacity

Personalise your Lift and Drive to meet the handling requirements in your premises. The load capacities are: 90 kg up to 325kg.

Variable lifting heights

The lift masts can be supplied in different standard heights, and we offer options for custom made masts to provide the exact desired stroke.  As an alternative we also offer telescopic lift masts to allow the lifting height to be extended.

Different sets of wheels

In order to best adapt the trolley to the particular needs of different working environments, we provide wheels in various sizes and materials.

3 Step Brake

In addition to the central brake the P trolleys also have a directional lock on the rear wheels. This is to assist the operator when moving the trolley in a straight line.


We have a large number of standard accessories or tools including loading platforms, forks, boom, weigh or counting scales, Squeeze and Turn, Expand and Turn. We also manufacture custom specific tools.

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