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The IE model is great compromise between the strong P model and the sleek E trolleys. These Pronomic lifters are stable with a fully welded chassis and are still almost as slim as our E trolleys. They are easy to manoeuvre, with a low weight which can be equipped with a number of different lifting devices.

The IES model is the stainless steel model which is suitable for cleanroom environments including food and drink manufacturing.

A welded chassis – for stability

The chassis is solidly built to withstand the demanding requirements encountered in industrial environments. There are options for standard wheels or low-built wheels.

Load capacity

The IE Lift and Drive model manages loads up to 90kg.

Variable lifting heights

Lift masts are available in three standard heights and can also be manufactured according to specific application requirements.

Foot brake

On the IE model there is a pedal activated brake on the rear wheels.


Specifically for the IE trolleys there are a range of tailor made forks with options for round, flat or angular tube forks and there are options for the length and width of the forks.

There are also a large number of standard lifting accessories to choose from including lifting platform, platform with side rollers, boom, V-Block, folding ladders.

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