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The Pronomic E model Lift and Drive trolleys are the first choice in environments such as pharmacies, commercial catering establishments and archives due to their light and swift mobility and range of flexible platforms and attachments. Despite their low weight they can manage loads up to 90kg.

The chassis

At only 435mm wide, this small chassis allows the E Model to be very flexible and manoeuvrable even in restricted spaces.

Load capacities

The E model lifting trolleys are available with load capacities up to 90kg. 

Lift mast

There are four different mast heights to choose from with the E model.

Different sizes of wheels

The E model is supplied with different wheel sizes in order to adapt the trolley to a specific working environment, with options to choose standard or low-built wheels.

Foot brake

There is a pedal-activated brake on the rear wheels.


There are a number of standard lifting devices and lifting forks, and in addition on the E Model we have developed special lifting attachments intended for use in pharmacies, kitchens and archives.

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