Advanced Handling

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MobiCrane is designed for mobile and fixed overhead handling of sheet material, sacks, boxes and bespoke products up to 85kg using a range of lifting manipulators including vacuum lifting with standard and bespoke grippers.

The MobiCrane is constructed in modules with a number of options for installation. The tower can be mounted on the floor, wall, on an existing machine or fixed in a floor plate.

There are a number of lifting device attachments including mechanical, magnetic or vacuum lifting grippers, suction cups and custom made handling tools.

This overhead handling application is adaptable to changing requirements and offers flexibility to build the MobiCrane of your choice.


Max load: 85kg

Adjustable tower: Max lifting height: 2716mm (with tower in highest position) Max lifting height: 1816mm (with tower in lowest position)

Jib arm length/ working area: 2mtrs/ 11.8m2 2.5mtrs/ 18.8m2 3mtrs/ 26.6m2 3.5mtrs/ 37.7m2 4mtrs/ 47.2m2

Operation: Electric motor lift operation with adjustable lift/ lowering speed Vacuum operated by compressed air

Options: Square or round floor plate Mechanical, magnetic or vacuum lifting grippers and bespoke grippers.




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