Advanced Handling

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For reel & rolls handling solutions which lift from within the core we have the PRONOMIC Expand&Turn. This lifting device is an attachment which is used with the Lift&Drive P model.

The roll is secured from the centre with pneumatic expandable grips which are electrically regulated from the handle control panel.

Expand&Turn technology with the Lift&Drive has a maximum lifting capacity of 110kg. The standard finish is suitable for a range of environments and industries for example in textiles and carpet manufacturing and retail, commercial and industrial printing and general warehouse packaging, processing and production. The option for stainless steel allows the unit to be used in clean room environments.

The expander is fitted with rubber grips for maximum hold and supports reduced impact on the roll itself. Once loaded, the roll can be positioned vertically and horizontally and small rollers are fitted on the top to facilitate the unloading of heavy rolls. The roll can only be loosened with both hands to prevent accidental release.

The Lift and Drive P trolley has a number of standard safety and ergonomic features. This roll handling lifting trolley and device creates a one person task and reduces manual handling lifting strains and injuries. Read more about Lift&Drive safety features.

Lift&Drive Model:

P model with Expand&Turn device


  • Max load: 110kg
  • Battery electric hand control lift and lower operation
  • 360 degree manual or electric rotation of the expander
  • Light fitted to indicate expander is on
  • The electric expander is available as standard for cores:
    70-80mm/ 146-156mm

Optional extras:

Available in stainless steel. Bespoke expander options to handle rolls with cores up to 10”