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Movomech Overhead Rail Systems

The Movomech system of overhead lightweight aluminium rail configurations is capable of supporting attachments that can manipulate and lift loads of up to 1000 kg.  The intricate designs of various layouts, T-channels and flanges creates a very strong support framework allowing a heavy load capacity.

The aluminium rail system offers the following advantages:

  • Easy installation due to lightweight rails/attachments
  • Very easy to manipulate
  • All configurations are modular and easily extendable
  • All Mechrail profiles are anodised, meaning that they are virtually maintenance free and self-lubricating
  • Completely smooth side available for easy clean down in "cleanroom" applications

There are a range of options for fitting the rail configurations depending on the construction of the site building. They may be roof-mounted, with hanging beams from high ceilings, or mounted onto a free-standing steel structure.