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Mechspace Industrial Manipulator

The Mechspace industrial manipulator is a moment-absorbing lifting unit that is perfect for working in confined working spaces.  It is extremely easy to manoeuvre with a 5m reach so can be easily manipulated when the operator is working inside a vehicle, under a protruding roof or in any working area where space is limited.

The Mechspace is available in two models, for loads up to 70kg or for loads up to 150kg.  It is usually mounted on an overhead rail system but can also be pillar mounted.  The pillar mounted version can be equipped with a footplate, meaning that it is possible to reposition the Mechspace using a forklift.

The lifter can be supplied balanced for predefined loads or it can be balanced by the operator for two or more permanent loads.

Typical applications for which the Mechspace has been successfully integrated include:

  • The automotive industry such as doors, windscreens, engines etc
  • Heavy engineering
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and drink packaging and manufacture
  • Aerospace


Mechspace Brochure