Advanced Handling

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The pneumatic Mechlift Pro industrial manipulator is an ergonomically designed moment absorbing lifter with a lifting capacity of up to 150kg.  It is constructed using anodised telescopic aluminium profiles that are virtually maintenance-free with a very quiet operation.

The Mechlift is usually fitted on similarly anodised aluminium rails giving the user complete manoeuvrability within a specified area. 

A very extensive range of Mechlift attachments, or end effectors, can be selected according to the load, ranging from a simple hook lifter to electric or pneumatically powered rotation tools that are capable of picking up and rotating items such as reels or drums.  If suitable end effectors are not available then our design teams work closely with customers to design and manufactured attachments to suit individual customer requirements.

Typical uses for the Mechlift include handling materials or paper reels or rolls, panels such as windows or doors, storage tanks and automotive components of all shapes and sizes.