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Movomech Pneumatic Lifters

Advanced Handling supply a range of pneumatic Movomech industrial manipulators. but the most popular models are the Mechlift, Mechspace and Mechline.

Mechlift Industrial Manipulator

The Mechlift is an extremely versatile industrial manipulator, the only lifting unit of the Movomech range that can be either electric or pneumatic.  It is constructed using anodised aluminium profiles and is available in standard or bespoke sizes, lifting loads of up to 650kg.  It has a maximum stroke of 2m.

 Mechline Industrial Manipulator

The Mechline is a wire balancing lifter that is very durable, able to cope with up to 300,000 work cycles.  It can lift loads up to 50kg and is frequently used in assembly stations.

Mechspace Industrial Manipulator

The Mechspace is a moment-absorbing industrial manipulator, very easy to manouevre and ideal for restricted working areas, with a reach of up to 5m.  Available in two sizes that can lift up to 70kg or 150kg, the Mechspace has a clean-room version for easy cleaning.