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Mechlift Industrial Manipulator

The Mechlift Pro industrial manipulator is a versatile moment absorbing lifter with a capacity for lifting loads from 75kg to 650kg.  It is a versatile unit, can be either pneumatic or electric, and can be fitted with a range of attachments or end effectors including rotation tools. End effectors can either be selected from the extensive standard range or they can be designed and manufactured specifically for an individual customer or application at our factory in Market Deeping.

Typical Applications

Typcial applications for the Mechlift include lifting and handling rolls or reels, sheets of steel or glass, doors, panels, windows, storage tanks and various other components as part of a production process.

The wide range of end effectors or attachments available for the Mechlift make it suitable for an extensive variety of industry sectors including heavy engineering, food processing & manufacture, pharmaceutical, automotive and aerospace.