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Movomech Electric Lifters

Advanced Handling supply two popular Movomech Electric Lifting units:


1. The Mechchain Industrial Manipulator

The Mechchain is a very easily manoeuvred chain lifting unit for extremely precise lifting with stepless and impressive lifting speeds controlled by a joystick.  It is perfect for applications in which very precise, well-controlled manipulation is required, such as controlled engineering operations in the automotive, pharmaceutical, aerospace or other high-value end-product applications.

The Mechchain has the lowest working height requirements on the market and is therefore perfect for operation in confined spaces.

2. The Mechlift Industrial Manipulator

Also with a stepless lifting speed controlled using a joystick, the Mechlift is available in different standard or bespoke sizes, lifting loads of up to 650 kg with a maximum stroke of 2m.

The highly adaptable Mechlift can be fitted with a wide range of standard or customised tools and lifting devices, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of industries.  The end-effectors or attachments enable the Mechlift to be suitable for:

  • Glass, windows and door handling
  • Box & pallet handling
  • Reels, rolls and cylinders
  • CNC component handling
  • Drums, barrels and tub handling
  • Sacks or bag handling
  • Mechanical parts or components lifting
  • White goods moving
  • Food manufacture

The following video demonstrates how easily reels, rolls and cylinders can be manipulated with a Movomech Mechlift.