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Movomech Mechcranes

The range of Movomech Mechcranes offer an alternative form of support for industrial lifting, handling and manipulation.  Mechcranes can be mounted on walls or on pillars, depending on the structure of the building, and can lift loads of up to 250 kg with a wide working radius of 5m.

The arms of the Mechcranes are manufactured from the anodised aluminium and are built in the same profile as the rails in the Mechrail systems so that the full range of attachments or end-effectors can be used for both Mechcrane and Mechrail. Use of anodised aluminium has the benefit of being virtually maintenance-free and self-lubricating.

When pillars are supplied, the standard RAL colour is 9010 (white) but any RAL colour can be requested.

The Movomech Mechcrane range consists of 4 models:

Mechcrane LVS AVS

Models LVS and AVS lift up to 250 kg and can be attached by bracket to a wall or an existing pillar.  They have a working radius of 5 m.

Mechcrane LPS APS

Industrial manipulator models LPS and APS are mounted on pillars and can be manufactured to suit most heights and environments. They can lift 250 kg and have a working radius of 5 m.

Mechcrane VKL VKA

Models VKL and VKA are knuckle boom cranes that are mounted on pillars.  A range of crane heights and lengths can be supplied.  They can lift 250 kg and have a working radius of 5 m.

Mechcrane VKL-H and VKA-H

These Mechcrane models are also pillar mounted and available in a range of heights and lengths.  They are knuckle boom cranes with an integrated chain lifter.  The rear mounting of the hoist leads to minimal rotation resistance resulting in smooth handling throughout the entire work area.