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Movomech overhead lifting

Overhead lifting is an efficient method for moving heavy objects in busy environments. It makes it possible to move objects over obstacles, or in environments with lots of traffic, or a restricted amount of space.

You can choose between different overhead lifting systems, depending on your requirements, such as how precisely you need to control your load.

When using overhead lifting, proper safety measures need to be in place. Making it possible for operation to be carried out from a safe distance and setting a clearance space are some of the safety steps you can take.

The Movomech Range of Overhead Lifting Systems

Movomech provides solutions such as flexible vertical lifting solutions, which are designed to simplify the handling process and reduce stress on the operator. They help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and increase productivity and efficiency.

They are ideal when heavy loads, or difficult to handle parts, need to be repeatedly moved, rotated and placed in a precise location.

Movomech’s range of overhead lifting systems include:

  • Electric lifters with great speed and precision controlled using a joystick. These can lift loads up to 650kg with a maximum stroke of 2m.
  • Pneumatic lifters including the incredible durable Mechline and the Mechspace, which is ideal for moving objects in restricted areas.
  • Cranes which can be mounted on walls or pillars if necessary.
  • Vacuum lifters for precise and powerful lifting with minimal damage risk.
  • Rail systems with lightweight aluminium rail configurations which can support attachments that can manipulate loads up to 1000kg.

In addition, we stock a wide range of end effectors which are compatible with a variety of systems.


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