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Heavy Duty Mezzanine Goods Lift

Our Mezz HD and Mezz HD Plus are our heavier duty mezzanine goods lifts and are more suitable for lifting goods over 250kg to a mezzanine floor or between levels. 

These industrial goods lifts have standard safety features designed into each model. There are also options for further modifcation to completely bespoke enhancements, as these goods lifts are designed and manufactured by or own in house team in the UK.


Mezz HD

Load weight:    Up to 1000kg

Lift height:       Up to 5 metres

Platform:         1500mm x 1500mm (as standard)

Power:             Integral power pack 415V 3 phase + neutral via 16amp isolator (not included)


Mezz HD Plus

Load weight:    Up to 10,000kg

Lift height:       Up to 12 metres

Platform:         Up to 4000mm x 9000mm