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Advanced Handling range of manual handling products

Welcome to our range of solutions to reduce manual handling. From standard, modified to completely bespoke design and manufacture, we have solutions for lightweight manual handling to heavy duty materials handling applications with our experienced team here to help you improve your safety and operational efficiency.

Ergonomic Lifting Trolleys

Pronomic modular lightweight lifting trolleys have a number of configurations and attachments which support lifting and lowering 25 kg – 225 kg. The Lift and Drive range is used across the world in retail, offices, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, textiles and many more. Available in stainless steel and bespoke attachments are available to support your exact lifting requirements.

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Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Our vacuum lifting range focuses on the interaction between man and machine in order to increase efficiency and provide flexible solutions, with the aim to eliminate stress injuries among operators. Vertical lifting equipment is designed to support tasks that have a high frequency and repetition. Box handling, sack handling, reel lifting, luggage handling, sheet metal and board handling are applications which benefit from overhead lifting equipment as they create a safe and ergonomic process. Our solutions are suitable for lifting weights between 5 kg up to 200 kg.

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Mezzanine Goods Lifts

The mezzanine goods lift (or mezzanine floor lifts) are an ideal solution for moving goods between levels safely. We design and manufacture a standard light duty plug and play model, our MezzLite 250 kg, our MezzHD range for capacities between 500 kg and 1000 kg and our Mezz HD Plus focuses on providing a bespoke goods lift for heavier duty applications up to 10 tonnes.

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Scissor Lifts: Static and Mobile

Our scissor lift tables support a number of applications from 150 kg up to 10,000 kg and up to 10 meters. Static scissor lifts are available with single, double and triple scissors and double horizontal scissors. We have a range of mobile scissor lifts with manual hydraulic operation or with battery electric operation and support capacities from 150 kg to 1250 kg. Our scissor lifts are available with standard specifications and we specialise in modifications to bespoke solutions including turntable platforms mounted or built into the platform, fork entry base frame, bellows skirt, conveyor and ball roller tops, loading dock tables, tilting platforms.

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Voyager Stackers

Our award winning Voyager Stacker launched in 2000 has provided solutions for lifting and moving capacities up to 1000 kg. This manual or electric stacker has adjustable forks and legs and comes with a number of additional attachments including wide straddle, steel platform, roller platform, jib and boom attachments, drum and reel carrier and clamps.

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Servicing, Inspections, Parts & Repairs 

We have a dedicated service team to support your operations and equipment with parts and repair advice and ordering, routine servicing and maintenance, Thorough Examinations, installations and modifications of existing equipments. Our service team offer complete UK coverage and a range of service packages to suit your requirements.

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