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The colourful history of the Voyager stacker

Our Voyager range of stackers has a fascinating history and a personality all of its own. It is the result of a passionate determination, in the late 1990’s, to create an innovative, completely original product unlike anything on the market at the time.

A well qualified, young and enthusiastic team was employed specifically to design the new range. This was to ensure that the project was designed with a fresh, original perspective, unhampered by preconceived ideas about contemporary designs.

Award-winning design

The exciting final result achieved “Millennium Product Status”, an award created by the UK Design Council to reflect and encourage British creativity and innovation and was an immediate success.

The Voyager was a completely new style of stacker, unlike any competitor product. Built from extruded aluminium, the units were lightweight and much easier to manoeuvre, with a single mast that greatly improved visibility for the user. The unique aluminium construction meant that they were not prone to rusting, making them particularly useful to the food and drink industry. The innovative lifting mechanism, constructed using woven webbing, ensured that the units remained clean and unrestricted by the greasy, noisy chains susceptible to frequent breakdown that were typical of other stackers at the time.

Sales took off very quickly and the units remain one of our most popular products today. Since the introduction of the Voyager range, we have worked closely with customers on a continuous program of improvement, refining the individual units further. The Squeeze & Turn is one of the latest exciting models to be added to the Voyager family.

The Squeeze & Turn Model

The easily manoeuvrable Squeeze & Turn stacker can grip, lift and rotate reels, rolls and 55-gallon drums throughout a 360-degree rotation. It is 30% lighter and easier to move than standard steel stackers with a wide choice of different options and attachments. The high tenacity lifting belt is clean, non-corrosive and very strong and the single mast results in better operator visibility.

Minimal weld construction leaves fewer points of weakness and a battery and internal charger are included. The wide straddle legs can be selected if required, giving the flexibility to match the design to the pallets used.

Get hands-on with the Voyager Stackers

But don’t take our word for it.  Come and meet our Voyager Squeeze & Turn along with our full range of handling equipment at our Open Day this Spring - date TBC.  You’ll be able to try out our unit first-hand and experience how manoeuvrable the unit actually is, even while lifting a 55 gallon drum!

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