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One lightweight lifting trolley – so many things to lift!

A quick glance at one of our lightweight lifting trolleys may well be deceiving.  These small, easily manoeuvrable trolleys, designed by world-leading ergonomic specialists in Sweden and individually assembled in the UK, can help one person safely lift an impressive range of objects unaided.

Since their initial design in 1989, lift and drive trolleys have reduced the number of accidents and injuries, making workplaces safer with fewer sickness absences.  They are modular, with seven different elements, each with a full range of options to suit your individual circumstances.  Visit for more information about the individual modules.

The 7 modules that make up PRONOMIC units are:

  • Handle bar
  • Power pack
  • Cross-member
  • Legs
  • End effectors or attachments
  • Mast
  • Remote control

This ensures that each unit is tailor built for each area of work and working environment.  However, once built and purchased, each unit can be adjusted by changing one or more of the modules if anything changes.

Although every aspect of the unit is built to perfectly match the load to be lifted, the module that has the most influence on what the units are capable of lifting are the lifting tool attachments, a selection of which can be seen below.

Lifting Trolley Attachments






There are a full range of standard lifting tools but, if we have nothing capable of safely lifting the object you need to be lifted, our design engineers are experienced and skilled in the art of designing a new lifting system that will attach to the trolley specifically for the application required.

Items frequently lifted by our Pronomic lifting trolleys include:

  • Reels and rolls of material for warehouse packaging, processing and production, textiles manufacturing, retail, commercial and industrial printing.
  • Boxes, crates and trays of all shapes and dimensions, often used for archiving but also suitable for too many other applications to list.
  • Drums, vessels, bins or other containers used in industrial kitchens, food processing factories or other industries moving liquids, waste or other products.
  • Vehicle parts in manufacturing plants, garages or other repair and maintenance industries
  • Components and profiles in engineering plants or other manufacturing processes
  • Technical IT equipment such as server units or other components for which great care is required when handling and space may be tight.
  • The option for stainless steel allows the unit to be used in clean room food or pharma environments. 

However, don’t be put off if this list doesn’t include the items that you need to lift.  We are able to provide solutions for almost anything within the specified weight ranges for each unit. 

For more information please contact us on 01778 345365, email or visit