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30 days in 30 seconds – Phase One of our Factory Relocation

We left a camera in the corner of our brand new factory to record all activity as we moved from our Market Deeping location, the home of Advanced Handling for the last 40 years, to our new premises in Orton Southgate in Peterborough.  This video shows the first 30 days compressed into a 30-second film. 

The slight changes in lighting and viewpoint are due to changing the batteries in the camera.

As well as seeing equipment being delivered and moved to its new location, its possible to see the mezzanine floor being constructed in the far corner of the shop floor.  We’ll be adding one of our mezzanine goods lifts to make it easy to access supplies stored on the higher level.

At a time when there is a lot of uncertainty around UK manufacturing, we're delighted to be expanding to take over some of the manufacturing of our Swedish sister companies.  We’re still in the process of relocating and setting up all the equipment so watch this space for the next installment!