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Vegetable Packaging


Client: Not disclosed

Location: Cambridgeshire

Industry: Fresh Produce

Solution: Pronomic Squeeze & Turn Lifting Trolley

Key features: Improving employee safety and increasing efficiency for a fresh product packing company.


The Requirement

A UK-based packaging company approached Advanced Handling to find a way of making their processes become more efficient and cost effective. They required a solution that would improve their handling heavy reals of plastic film used to wrap individual portions of fresh vegetables. 


The Challenge:

Our client was experiencing a high turnover of staff due to employees not being able to carry out their work because of strenuous tasks that were causing injuries. The manual handling of certain heavy items was causing delays and frustration, often needing 2 staff to complete the task, which meant waiting for someone to become available.

For example, tasks such as carrying heavy reels of plastic film to the production line were pushed to the side as it was difficult for the average worker to manually transport the 75kg reels.

Another issue our client was facing was that reels were often dropped and damaged. This was a large cost for the business in terms of wasted resources.

We wanted to help our client overcome their handling problems and allow the business to thrive efficiently.


The Solution:

Following a site visit and a number of consultations, our expert sales team worked with the Health and Safety Manager to conclude that our lightweight Pronomic lifting trolleys would be the most effective way of becoming more efficient in their packaging processes.

The Squeeze and Turn lifting trolley, in particular, would be the best solution to the plastic film handling difficulties. The Pronomic Squeeze and Turn can carry loads of up to 110kg, meaning that strenuous activities become a straightforward, one-person task.


Product Benefits:

  • Rubber Grips for a secure grip of the plastic film reel: no drops or damage.

  • A lightweight and manoeuvrable trolley frame, even in restricted environments.

  • Improved safety and efficiency within the business.

  • A built-in squeeze overload protection to prevent product damage.