Advanced Handling

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Client: Supermarkets

Location: Nationwide

Industry: Retail/ FMCG

Requirement: Pallet mover

Key Features: Bespoke time saving solution and increased shop floor safety

In FMCG retailing it is vital shelves are always full with the fastest moving product lines. The largest retailers would incur losses reaching to hundreds of thousands of pounds if, for example, Coca-Cola was out of stock on its shelves for even a fraction of the trading day.

To ensure this never occurs a system was required to allow retailers to replenish stock on their shop floors quickly and efficiently, whilst removing the associated dangers transporting a full size pallet through a busy store.

The innovative solution came from Polymer Logistics, a specialist in packaging and supply chain management for the retail sector. They developed a ‘half-size’ pallet which could be placed into the shelf fitting itself. This negated the need to de-stack the pallet onto the shelf at all which saved crucial time in ensuring it was fully stocked at all times. The other important feature of this pallet was its recessed wheels mounted at one end which only made the pallet mobile when it was tilted and supported at the opposite end.

With only half of the challenged solved, Polymer Logistics required a small lightweight truck to connect to the pallet and tilt one end to make it fully mobile. This would then allow the pallet to be moved safely and efficiently from the back to the front of the store.

Polymer Logistics approached Advanced Handling to develop a solution. Working to a specific design brief to manufacture a unit which was light, easy to use and durable enough to survive the day-to-day rigours associated with major retail groups and delivered within a short time frame.