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Client:  Schoeller Allibert

Location: Winsford, United Kingdom

Industry: Returnable Plastic Packaging & Logistics

Application: Mezzanine Goods Lift

Outcome Features: Twin loading & unloading solution, improved safety, cleaner environment

Schoeller Allibert is a green and innovative company, committed to reducing their clients's logistics and packaging costs and improving their supply chains. Besides a range of innovative plastic packaging solutions including returnable packaging, they provide a 360 degree full service approach to take care of all steps in the logistic process.


The presenting challenge for our client was to improve a production process which involved lowering goods to a ground floor from a mezzanine floor where a phase of the process took place. This process involved safely transferring up to 400 pallets per day from a mezzanine level to ground level without the use of Fork Lift Trucks. The client approached Advanced Handling because we already had a solution which met with their requirements and also met the relevant regulatory standards.


During an onsite visit and discussions with the client at their facility, a decision was made to install two goods lift adjacent to each other which would allow one for loading and one for unloading.

Two mezzanine goods lifts with the following features were designed and manufactured by Advanced Handling;

A steel mast design braced to the existing mezzanine structure with a 500kg capacity. The travel height for this lift was 4000mm with the overall mesh enclosure reaching 6200mm.The platform incorporated hand rails on all sides with a single outwards opening gate. Both enclosure gates were electrically-mechanically interlocked to prevent access when the platform is not in position, with latching controls fitted at both levels. A ramp was supplied with this goods lift suitable for the client’s pallet truck for loading and unloading.

Installation & Outcome:

The client brief and request was to install the two lifts without disruption to the production facility. Engineering Improvement Manager, Pat McNally commented, “The install went well and any issues that arose were swiftly overcome by good team work between both companies and the elevators successfully commissioned.”

The mezzanine goods lifts have provided “a much cleaner and safer solution for our material movements and we have set up a regular service agreement with Advanced Handling to ensure continued safety and efficiency of the elevators.”

Pat McNally
Engineering Improvement Manager
Schoeller Allibert