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Noble Foods

Noble Foods

Customer:  Nobel Foods

Location: Hertfordshire

Industry:  Food & Drink

Requirement: Bespoke Lightweight Voyager Freedom Stackers

Key features: Lightweight and durable, modular construction for dual purpose with increased safety

Nobel Foods was established in 1938 as a small family business collecting and selling eggs from local farms to local shops. Over close to the last century they have become the UK’s largest egg production and marketing company.

Three years ago Nobel Foods changed the way packed eggs were transported through the logistics chain to a new Merchandising Unit Shipper. This allowed the original MU Shipper to develop from a transportation device to becoming a complete MU Shipper being employed from the factory to the supermarket shop floor.
In order to maximise the efficiency and potential cost saving of these MU Shippers through higher vehicle load utilisation and a reduction in warehouse space, the need to double stack the MU Shipper was required. Nobel Foods approached Advanced Handling for a bespoke solution.

“We needed a device that was light and manoeuvrable and could be used safely in our Packing Centres. I approached Advanced Handling as they readily accepted the challenge of designing a machine that would meet all our requirements,” Garth Whisker, Director, Packing Centres/Operations explained.

After successful trials Advanced Handling supplied twelve modified Voyager Freedom Stackers. This award winning unit has an aluminium body making it both lightweight and durable. It also has the added benefit of being of modular construction which allows the unit to be transformed back to a standard stacker should the application change in the future.

Nobel Foods have since worked with Advanced Handling to successfully solve other material handling issues experienced within the group.