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Loadhog Ltd

Client:  Loadhog Ltd

Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

Industry: Bespoke Returnable Packaging

Application: Bespoke Static Scissor Lift Tables

Outcome Features: Reliable, increased efficiency, labour cost saving

Replacing lifting equipment becomes necessary for three main reasons; 1) The equipment no longer serves the purpose of supporting the process and operation 2) Existing equipment is not operating at the speed and capacity required 3) Maintenance and repairs are increasing and so is the cost.  This Case Study outlines a bespoke replacement project with Sheffield-based transit packaging manufacturer and bespoke pooling company Loadhog.


To reduce downtime through maintenance of existing scissor lift tables which were proving unreliable and costly and to increase the lifting capacity to handle greater loads at once.


To replace the client’s existing scissor lift tables from another supplier with ones of a higher quality, and to increase lifting capacity of one to better suit their process. The lift tables had been in operation for five to six years and were used as part of a machine the client operates at their site. Two of the static scissor lift tables which required replacing operate as an integral part of a machine and therefore the replacements were required to be supplied to the exact specification of the existing tables.


The client managed the installation internally and found this extremely easy due to well laid out parts and easy to identify electrical connections.

The outcome of the solution:

Safety has been vastly improved due to reliable components which the client has gained trust in through operations. “They have proved to be incredibly reliable, so have saved us countless hours in downtime and maintenance costs. The efficiency of the machine has also increased by 14% beyond the rating from the manufacturer and has saved on labour costs.”

Client’s experience with Advanced Handling on this project:

“From the beginning, the team at Advanced Handling were keen to work around any potential issues and modified standard equipment to suit our process and our first contact with Justin gave us the confidence to invest in equipment from Advanced Handling over other competitors.

The goods were delivered on time and packaged extremely well and while we managed the installation ourselves it proved to be much easier than anticipated, replacing existing platforms easily and the units reliability so far has been 100%, even when running day and night.

We’ve found after sales support is provided whenever we have questions and overall, we are all very happy we decided to replace our existing equipment with these better quality platforms.” 

Ben Chandley, Engineering Technician, Loadhog Ltd.


Watch this case study in action here