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Our close working environment provides us with the flexibility to deliver our Bespoke service, ensuring our customers’ requirements are met whilst maintaining our high “Made in Britain” standards.
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Key Points

Challenging Operating Conditions; wet and dusty and sub-zero temperatures.
Specific dimensions required to ensure the table could be fitted into the existing set-up.
Howden despatched Advanced Handling tables to multiple sites across South-East Asia.



Scissor Lift Tables

Who are Howden?

Howden, a global engineering company, provides customers from multiple sectors with high-quality solutions for air and gas handling.

With over 165 years of experience, they pride themselves on their continuous improvement approach meaning their products and services are constantly evolving to further meet their customer’s needs.

The Challenge

Howden required a lifting aid to transport their cold end element packs when they are being erected within the gas heater as well as when they needed replaced during a maintenance procedure. The equipment had to be robust and durable and able to withstand the challenging environments within the heat exchanger.

The solution had to be specifically designed to fit in Howden’s existing set-up and successfully transport their cold end element packs up to the exchanger and into place on top of a specially designed cradle.

Since the lift table and element pack must pass through a restricted opening in the ducting, the table needed to be built within the dimensional limits.

The Solution

After analysing the situation to fully understand the challenging elements of the project and their requirements, Advanced Handling met with Howden to discuss their bespoke solution; an adapted hydraulic static scissor lift table.

The scissor lift table, Advanced Handling manufactured for Howden, had bespoke wheels added on designed to fit on the heat exchangers rail tracks and a roller ball top so the packs could be easily manoeuvred on and off the table. The ball transfer units also created a cradle movement so the containers could be easily aligned and moved into place.

Due to the enclosed and limited working environment, the table also had to be low profile meaning the electric motor and oil had to be stored outside of the lift to minimise the amount of space the lift takes up when closed. An additional benefit of this is that it is easy for the team to maintain and service.

The table had a platform size of 800mm x 1,750mm and could manoeuvre loads of up to 3,000kg. Advanced Handling also ensured it was suitable for the subtropical inside and outside environments the table would be exposed to on-site – temperatures between -25°C and 40°C and exposure to dust and rainfall.

Howden Engineering Scissor Lift Tables

The Benefits

After receiving their mobilised static scissor lift table, Howden had peace of mind that their cold end element packs were being handled and manoeuvred in a safe and efficient way. This minimised the risk of damage and maximised the speed at which the cold end effector packs could be transported to and from the heat exchanger.

Advanced Handling carried out rigorous testing prior to despatching to ensure the solution met Howden’s requirements and could operate in the harsh environments of the heat exchanger.

Advanced Handling’s scissor lift tables are now in service all-around South-East Asia on Howden sites.

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