Advanced Handling

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Atomic Weapons Industry

Client: Not disclosed

Location: High security

Industry: Atomic Weapons

Requirement: Bespoke Scissor Lift

Key features: Improving employee safety with additional safety frame function

At a high security location, products are tested to destruction using electromagnetic waves.  The floor at the site is suspended higher than ground level meaning there is a necessity to lift the products from ground level to the chamber on the second floor for testing.

Their existing procedure for carrying items from one floor to the next presented itself with manual handling issues and an increased risk of health and safety strain for the employees involved.  Furthermore, the sheer value and complexity of the products being transported imposed an additional risk in damaging the items. 

Advanced Handling were approached to design and manufacture a completely bespoke Scissor Table lifting to a capacity of 2000kg and fitted with four hydraulically actuated props which activate when the table is in the raised position to lock the scissor platform at the correct height and shoring the structure for goods transfer.

For increased health and safety, Advanced Handling included a built in safety function in the safety frame.  Therefore, if the safety frame is touched on its way down, the lift will stop immediately and to continue lowering, the table has to be raised a little to be able to lower again.

Installation of the bespoke Scissor Lift has improved employee safety and it has also increased efficiency in the testing process and therefore enhanced productivity.