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Reel and Roll Handling Equipment

When it comes to handling reels and rolls we have a range of products to help make it a "one person task" and reduce manual handling strains and injuries. 

The two main options to consider are whether to lift:
- from grabbing the outer
- from the core using a spindle
or if you need to manipulate the reel/roll further we have accessories to expand and turn

The standard accessory finish is suitable for a range of environments and industries for example in textiles and carpet manufacturing, retail, commercial and industrial printing and general warehouse packaging, processing and production. The option for stainless steel allows the unit to be used in clean room environments. 

Lightweight and manoeuvrablePronomic reel handling solution

If you require a lightweight manoeuvrable solution to assist with moving reels or rolls over a distance, or in a confined space our PRONOMIC lifting trolleys are ideal and have a maximum lifting capacity of 110kg. The PRONOMIC Squeeze&Turn lifting trolley grabs the outer of the reel/roll or where the goods are fragile our PRONOMIC Expand&Turn lifting trolley (pictured) lifts from the core using a spindle. 


Fixed environment

overhead reel handlinMovomech rail systems are able to weightlessly lift heavy loads of up to 1000kg. A standalone unit is an alternative option for portability. For a repetitive process in a fixed location or where equipment is unable to be floor-based we have our Movomech overhead lifting solution.


Deciding on a handling solution

There are many standard solutions available for reel and roll safely handling. Deciding on the solution will involve assessing your current process, your teams and the environment and this will help a professional offer you the most suitable solution.

If you need something lifting but you’re not sure how or what type of lifting equipment to select, you are invited to visit us to see everything in operation in our showroom.  Our materials handing specialists will be able to discuss options with you and help you to choose the right solution.



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