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Lifting Goods to a Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Goods Lifts are suitable for companies in any industry where space needs to be maximised.  

When deciding on a materials handling solution to move your goods to an upper level or mezzanine floor, you will be considering safety and cost – investment and ROI. Based on your requirements, industry and safety regulations a number of options will become available.

To further identify the right solution, an evaluation of the frequency your load needs to move, the weight of your load and whether this might change in the future plus the environment where the goods are being moved, will determine the right solution.

Light duty
Light duty mezzanine goods lift

This solution has been developed to offer a completely standard goods lift unit to move loads of up to a maximum of 250kg on a standard GKN or Euro pallet. With no requirement for a ramp or construction of a pit, the MezzLite light duty mezzanine goods lift is designed with direct low level loading.

Its ‘Plug & Play’ operation and fast installation time. Using standard single phase 13 amp power, and with its modular construction, in a clear assembly area, the lift can be installed within one to two days, providing a speedy standard solution.

Heavy dutyheavy duty mezzanine goods lift

Our heavy duty mezzanine goods lifts and are more suitable for lifting goods over 250kg to a mezzanine floor or between levels. The maximum load weight is an impressive 10,000kg and lifts up to a height of 12 metres.

These industrial goods lifts have standard safety features designed into each model. As these goods lifts are designed and manufactured by our own in house team in the UK, there are also options for further modifcation to completely bespoke enhancements.

Deciding on the best solution

There are many solutions available for mezzanine goods lifts as each solution is bespokely made to order. 

If you are not sure what type of mezzanine goods lift would be best for your application,you are invited to contact us and our materials handing specialists will be able to discuss your options with you and help you to choose the right solution. 

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