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Box and Container Handling Equipment: Solutions for 20kg Plus

Moving boxes

Lifting and moving boxes is something we all do whether in the office, production line or warehouse. When we are involved in box handling, how we lift the box, how many boxes, where we lift them and how many times are some of the questions we start to ask when evaluating the risk.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations (1992) do not have any specific requirements such as weight limits, with the employee and employer responsible for identifying and assessing what is no longer reasonable practical to lift.

When manual handling tasks are beyond reasonably practical it is advised to re-design tasks or processes and also investigate where mechanical equipment can support reducing reaching, bending and twisting.

Lifting boxes in the office 

Lifting and moving boxes

On average a box of five reams of standard copier paper weights 13kg. A multiple delivery of boxes would require one person to reasonably and practically lift one box at a time, or a the use of a lifting trolley (archive lifter) or 150kg mobile scissor table would allow one person to lower a platform to the appropriate level to load each box, raise and push the unit to the storage area where again the platform can be raised or lowered to ease the unloading of each box.


Lifting boxes on a production line

Vacuum lifting for box handling

The process of unloading and loading pallets on production line or goods in exposes individuals to higher risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) both Upper Limb Disorders or Lower Limb Disorders with bending, reaching, twisting and there is a repetitive nature to the process.

To help reduce manual handling risks and create an ergonomic solution where the process is fitted to the person, there are a number of mobile or static height adjustable lifts such as scissor lift tables, vertical overhead pneumatic or vacuum lifting solutions.


Deciding on a box handling solution

There are many standard lifts available for managing box handling safely and for more specific goods, equipment can be modified to suit.

If you need something lifting but you’re not sure how or what type of lifting equipment to select, you are invited to visit us to see everything in operation in our showroom.  Our materials handing specialists will be able to discuss your options with you and help you to choose the right solution.

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